Introducing Bending the Arc

The stories we tell have life and death consequences. That might sound dramatic, but think about it this way: Not so long ago, the global health establishment took it for granted that it was close to impossible to treat people in poor countries with diseases like HIV/AIDS or drug resistant tuberculosis.

Jim Yong Kim, Paul Farmer, and Ophelia Dahl refused to accept that narrative, and in fact, they proved the experts wrong. Documenting their work, they told a different story—and through that saved millions of lives. We made a documentary called “Bending the Arc” that now introduces their story to the world.

Theodore Parker said—in essence—“the arc of the moral universe is long… but from what I can see, I am sure it bends towards justice.” Our documentary is about a small group of committed mavericks who started a movement to bend it faster.

This film and campaign are about the fight for equal access to health care globally. Health is a human right. If you believe that, sign up and help us ensure that everyone sees Bending the Arc and fights for health equity:

We know that no one deserves to die because of where they were born. We know how to treat these diseases. It comes down to this: Will we stand up and be the ones with the moral imagination and courage to end health inequity in our lifetime?

We’re excited for you to see this film and know that together we can bend the arc toward a more equitable and humane world.

Thank you!

Cori, Kief, and Pedro

Cori Shepherd Stern, Kief Davidson, and Pedro Kos | Filmmakers | Bending the Arc