Kaiser Family Foundation—Faith Leaders, Americans Should Urge Congress To Fully Fund U.S. Global Health Programs

An excerpt from an article originally published in the Lexington Herald Leader—written by Josh Rouse, global outreach pastor at Northeast Christian Church and member of Hope Through Healing Hands’ Faith-based Coalition for Healthy Mothers & Children Worldwide

“Our elected officials need to hear from the American people — and especially Americans of faith — advocating for helping those most in need, especially in fighting devastating epidemics. Voters’ expressions of support for global health could then help sustain U.S. leadership in the 2018 appropriations bills, a process which has markedly reduced the scourges of AIDS, TB, and malaria over the past 15 years… By stopping diseases before they reach our shores and strengthening communities that buy American goods, we are helping to make America safer and boosting U.S. and global economies. … I urge Kentuckians to join faith leaders from across the country in expressing their support for these crucial global health programs. We have the power to save millions of lives and end these deadly diseases for this generation and many more to come.”

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